Phanteks Introduces the New XT Series Chassis


Rotterdam, The Netherlands – February 29th, 2024

Today, Phanteks, a leading innovator in PC chassis design, proudly unveils a new line of chassis – the Phanteks XT series. Designed to meet the escalating demands of new hardware releases, the XT series promises exceptional cooling capacity and internal space while delivering outstanding value to tech enthusiasts. The XT Series will be available in three variants, the XT Pro, XT Pro Ultra, and XT View.

Key Features

High-End Hardware Compatible

Accommodates the largest graphics cards without compromising aesthetics.

Integrated USB-C 3.2 Gen2

for ultra-fast data transfers (XT Pro Ultra/XT View models only)

Efficient Cooling Setup

The Phanteks XT series ensures optimal cooling with a dedicated top 360 radiator space for peak thermal performance. XT Pro is equipped with 1x M25-120 black fan, XT Pro Ultra boasts 4x M25-140 DRGB fans, and XT View comes with 3x M25-120 DRGB fans.

Flexible Fan Options

XT Pro/Pro Ultra support up to 10x 120mm and 6x 140mm fan locations, while XT View allows up to 9x 120mm fan locations. Users can customize for the perfect temperature and noise balance.

Support for Latest Rear-Side Connector Mainboards

The XT Series innovates with support for the latest mainboards, featuring hidden rear connectors for a cable-free, organized interior setup. (Compatible with MSI Project Zero and ASUS BTF mainboards)

Graphics Card Cooling

The graphics card receives special attention with 3x 120mm fan locations on the midplate, providing direct cooling to enhance performance and longevity.



March 2024


XT Pro Black: $49.99 | €49.90
XT Pro Ultra Black: $69.99 | €69.90
XT Pro Ultra White: $74.99 | €74.90
XT View Black: $79.99 | €79.90
XT View White: $79.99 | €79.90


Phanteks XT Pro (Ultra)

Phanteks XT View

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