O11 Air Mini in Black and White Colors

Lian Li Announces the O11 Air Mini

Lian Li, one of the well-known PC case manufacturers from Taiwan has introduced the O11 Air Mini. The case is able to accommodate E-ATX (max. 280mm wide), ATX, mATX, or ITX motherboards. It has a standard design with a dual-chamber layout which puts the PSU and storage drives at the back of the case. The case has a tempered glass side panel, mesh top and front panels, with a brushed aluminum chassis and is available in two color options – black and white. 

It takes inspiration from its larger brother, the O11 Air, which prioritizes airflow but fixes the issues it had. The O11 Air Mini can have either an airflow-focused setup or an AIO setup.  It allows modularity similar to the O11 Dynamic Mini with a 5 and 7-slot mode or a vertical GPU layout with top and bottom modes (accessory bought separately). 

O11 Air Internal Layout

As for the physical layout, the top and bottom can fit 3x 120mm, 2x 140mm fans, 240mm, or 280mm radiator. The side can fit a 2x 120mm fan or a 240mm radiator with a maximum clearance of 59mm. CPU height clearance is 170mm which allows coolers such as the NH-D15 to fit without a problem. The maximum length of GPUs supported is 362mm. ATX PSUs up to 200mm can fit inside the case.

O11 Air Mini Second Chamber

The case includes 2x front 140mm as intake and 1x rear 120 mm fans as exhaust. In addition, 6 storage drives can be inserted at the back of the motherboard tray with either a 2x SSD + 4x HDD or 6x HDD configurations. It has a removable dust cover at the bottom of the case. The I/O ports located at the top of the case contain 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1 Type-C, and 1x HD Audio as well as a power button. There is plenty of room for cable management in the case. It has a dual-chamber design, rubber grommets, multiple tie points, and velcro strap channels.

The O11 Air Mini costs $110 for the black version and $120 for the white version.

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