Corsair announces new HXi power supplies for 2022

Corsair is adding two new models to its power supply lineup : the HX1500i and the HX1000i. Those two new high-end units are aimed at high power draw builds and hardware enthusiasts, delivering 1500w and 1000w respectively.

Both units are fully modular, rated platinum by both Cybenetics and 80+, comes with a 140mm FDB fan and Corsair’s fully digital interface for iCUE monitoring. The HX1500i is rated A- for noise output and the HX1000i is rated A on the Cybenetics scale. Corsair gives both units a 10 years warranty.

The platform is made by CWT and the platform looks to be a modified CST which is used on some Enermax, Chieftec and Thermaltake units. 3 EPS cables are included with both units. The 1500w model comes with 6 PCIe cables including 3 pigtails, while the 1000w unit comes with only 3 PCIe, all pigtails. There is a USB-C cable for the iCUE link as well.

Both units are fully digital for better operation. The iCUE monitoring brings two interesting features : fan speed control and a single/multi-rail toggle. Monitoring includes useful information such as fan speed, temperature, real-time power draw (both in and out), voltage on each rails and efficiency.

There is no signs of ATX 3,0 compatibility mentioned by Corsair and no 12VHPWR cable either.

Prices on Corsair’s own website are USD 259,99 for the 1000w unit and USD 399 for the 1500w unit.

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