Samsung Neo G9 Troubles


Recently, there have been multiple reports of Samsung Odessey Neo G9 monitors having issues with functionality. Although these reports are generally unverified, they all have similar symptoms. 

Users detail that the middle of their monitors experienced a loud pop noise, closely followed by the failure of all LEDs within that area. The users claim that they had no physical interaction with the monitors and generally heat output was minimal. 

Strangely, Samsung support argues with the consumers here claiming that this is considered a problem caused by the user. Considering the fact that there are multiple reports of similar occurrences, something else may be at play.

What happened?

Firstly, an examination of the images provided by the users shows that the monitors generally experience failure towards the middle of the screen. The rest of the screen appears generally unaffected. These monitors don’t experience failure like their normal LED brethren. On normal LED panels, a single pixel could lead to the rest of the panel being affected. The Neo G9 utilizes Mini-LEDs and as such doesn’t experience failure throughout. This generally rules out the possibility that this issue is caused by other parts of the panel.

Another example of panel failure

Considering the number of failures that occur near the center of the screen, there is a possibility of the panel being unable to handle the curve near the stand. It is speculated that a bad batch of panels caused such a problem. However, if this is true, Samsung should be accepting these RMAs under warranty. It is hard to say whether Samsung is aware of this issue, but as of current users are caught in the middle. According to multiple users (linked below), insurance companies claim that this is a manufacturing fault, contradicting Samsung. Unfortunately, these users are now forced to pay for a $900 USD repair or accept the broken device.

As a user, if you have this device with such a defect, there is unfortunately not much you can do. At best, you can bring this to an influencer’s attention. Beyond that, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.




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