Phanteks at CES 2023

Image Credit: Phanteks

Like the rest of big tech, Phanteks was at CES 2023 to show off some new computer hardware.


First came the cases. Phanteks revealed the NV7 in its press release. It is revealed to be a full ATX case with aesthetics that rival the Lian Li O11 Dynamic.

The Phanteks NV7, with its unmistakable purpose design, highlights the system components with the motherboard at its center. One defining design element of the NV7 is its strong and defining outer frame that captures and accentuates the hardware components.

With a clean design from all sides, the NV7 allows you to place your system freely without the traditionally messy rear side. The glass panels offer a near-seamless view of the inside to further focus on the system components.

Phanteks, 2023

The second case to be revealed is the Eclipse G300A. This case looks like a successor of the extremely popular P300A and P360A series from the company. The G300A is around 40mm longer than its predecessors, allowing for users to fit more modern (and gigantic) GPUs.

Small in size and big on features, the Phanteks Eclipse G300A now sports a new front mesh panel design. The G300A features the Ultra-Fine Performance mesh delivering the best performance while keeping dust from entering the system. The G300A can now support high-end GPUs with up to 390mm clearance.

The Eclipse G300A delivers quality and high airflow performance with exceptional value

Phanteks, 2023


Phanteks also revealed their new D30 120mm fans. The concept seems to be similar to that of Lian Li’s SL120 fans, where users can snap multiple fans together without cables.

Showcasing first at CES, the new D30-120 fan. It comes with a multitude of features to make your system look cleaner, installation process easier and the lighting effect smoother. The HALOS lighting ring reflects on both sides of the fan blades while the clips and covers link multiple D30-120 fans together as one.

Phanteks, 2023

Power Supply

Giving new life to the Revolt lineup, Phanteks revealed the new Revolt SFX 850 today. It has a standard 92mm fan and is 80 Plus Platinum rated.

The super-compact SFX form-factor maximizes its versatility to fit Small Form-Factor chassis and free up space in larger chassis for better cable management. The silent 92mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan with intelligent thermal control optimizes noise and cooling performance with a 0 RPM mode when under 30% load for ultimate silence.

Phanteks, 2023


Strangely, Phanteks grouped the rest of their releases all under cooling, with the exception of the D30.

The company revealed new single and double-tower air coolers under the name Polar. These coolers bear similar designs to those of Vetroo, Deepcool, etc.

The new Polar Air coolers come in a 4 & 5 Heatpipe single tower option and a 6 Heatpipe dual tower for ultimate cooling performance with an affordable price tag.

Phanteks, 2023

It also revealed two new AIO water coolers of the Glacier T30 name. Both are built by Asetek with the only difference being radiator size.

The Glacier lineup brings the Glacier One T30 Gen2 with 240/360 radiator configurations, updated with Asetek’s new Gen8 pump design combined with the award-winning T30 Ultimate fans.

Phanteks, 2023

For water cooling enthusiasts, the final reveal of the press release is the new Glacier G260 reservoir. Both versions of the reservoir seem to be similar to that of a distro plate.

Finally, the new Glacier R260 reservoir comes with or without a D5 pump pre-installed in black or white.

Phanteks, 2023

These products should be available to view on the Phanteks site soon.

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