Lian Li Announces New Products

Today, April 6th, 2023, Lian Li has announced their new products targeting the RGB market including the Uni Fan AL-V2 and the Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR.

First up is the new Uni Fan AL-V2. After the success of the 1st generation AL series fans, Lian Li is back with more. The Uni Fan AL-V2 has integrated ARGB lighting which is visible from the front, rear and side of the fans. Along with the frame size increase to 28mm, the capacity to reach speeds up to 2000RPM leads to a claimed 20% airflow performance improvement over the 1st generation. Just like the first generation, the AL-V2s allows the bridging of 2 fan clusters(up to 6 fans max) to a single controller port by using only 2 cables. Previously, with the V1, 4 clusters would need to be connected to 4 ports, the V2 reduces the 4 clusters to as little as 2 ports. Lian Li’s new L-Connect 3 software also allows for new lighting effects and a fan curve start/stop function.

This fan is available in both 120mm and 140mm variants in black and white. Pricing starts at 27.99$ for a single pack for the 120mm variant, and 30.99$ for the 140mm variant. The triple pack with a controller comes at 89.99$.

Next, let’s have a look at the Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR. This starts at 49.99$ and goes up to 59.99$ depending on the specific variant you’re looking at. The different variants depend on the power supply you’re using. You can pick between a 12+4 pin on both ends or a 3 x 8 pin on one end. You can also choose between having 8 light guides or 12 light guides.

Lian Li says the GPU-end 12VHPWR connector is custom designed to provide a stronger connection to the GPU and ensure the connectors durability. The cable is built with 16AWG wires so it can deliver up to 600W of overall power. They also claim the cables can  “sustain higher temperatures and sharper bends even when it is close to the connector”, which is a welcome sign given the recent 12VHPWR connector controversies.

Both the Uni Fan AL-V2 and Strimer Plus V2 12VHPWR are available for pre-order as of April 6th, 2023.

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