Trolly Rumours of the “return” of 3DFX Interactive hit the Internet

The internet has recently gone insane over social media hyping and trolly rumors of the return of 3dfx to the computer space, news that seems too good to be true.

For those who haven’t been in the PC market long enough to familiarise themselves, here’s a quick introduction. 3DFX Interactive was a former GPU manufacturer that competed with major rivals such as Nvidia to release products such as the Voodoo series of graphics cards. Despite the fame, after years of troubled missteps and failed collaborations, eventually, they filed for bankruptcy in 2002, with Nvidia acquiring their assets back in 2002 for $70 Million.

On July 30th, a Twitter account going by the name of “3dfx Interactive”(@3dfxofficial) claimed that the company would be returning, with the tweet reading : 

“3dfx Interactive is coming back, 20 years later. Prepare for an major announcement regarding our return this Thursday(August 5th)!”(The hilarious part is where they couldn’t even get their grammar right)

A company going by the name of Jansen Products, apparently based in San Francisco, claims to have acquired the assets of 3dfx Interactive and would move forward with the rebranding of 3dfx in preparation for its “fiery comeback”. Despite this, searches in multiple government databases and Secretary of State sites have shown the lack of any information regarding “Jansen Products” and relevant trademarks.

In addition, the company going by the name “Jansen Products” has a bizarrely similar twist to “Jensen Products”, a reference to Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia. One could probably conclude by now from this information that this was a funny parody made by the account to see how much attention could be grabbed. 

On the other hand, an envisioned return would be rather interesting to observe, but sadly the opportunity for that happening is slim to none as a result of the massive costs involved and the amount of competition that it would have had to go against.

And to be clear, the Twitter account has been shut down, one could call this a well effort troll by the account owner.

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