ASRock hints at new Intel 600 series motherboards received a list from ASRock about their upcoming boards with the new Intel 600 series chipsets. Almost 40 different SKUs are in this list with more to come later.

As many could have predicted, Intel will be launching new chipsets for the upcoming Alder Lake CPUs. The list from ASRock confirms the existence of H610, B660, H670 and Z690. This is in line with the previous chipset lineups on LGA1200. Many new boards on all chipsets and in all form factors are expected. A lot of previous models will see a successor with these new chipsets, as we find a z690 PG Velocita and a regular Z690 and Z690M Phantom Gaming 4. We also find a Z690 Phantom Gaming ITX/TB4, a Z690 Extreme, a Z690 Steel Legend, a Z690 Pro4, and a Z690M-ITX/AC. The Riptide series will make its debut on intel with the Z690 PG Riptide.

For H670, we also find a PG Riptide model, an H670 Steel Legend, an H670M Pro4 and an H670M-ITX/AC. The Pro4 seem to be Micro ATX as the “M” in the name suggest while the ITX/AC is the usual budget ITX board with this chipset.

ASRock lists a number of B660 boards. We have a B660 and B660M Steel Legend, a B660 and a B660M Pro4, a B660M-HDV and a B660M-ITX/AC.

Finally, ASRock will also release H610 boards. H610M-HDV/M.2, H610M-HDV, H610M-HVS and H610-ITX/AC are on the list.

ASRock will have wifi 6E variants of the Z690 Extreme and Z690 Steel Legend. There are AX variants of the Z690 Phantom Gaming 4, the new Z690-C, and the Z690 and H670 ITX/AX. We also have AC variants of the new Z690-C, the B660 Pro4, the new B660 Pro-RS, and B660 and H610 ITX/AC boards.

ASRock also has new Z690 -C, Z690 Pro RS, B660 Pro RS, B660M Pro RS, and B660M-C motherboards. The Pro lineup seem to be in between the HDV and the Steel Legend boards while the -C lineup appears to be budget oriented boards.

ASRock also lists the Z690 Pro RS/D5 and the Z690-C/D5, which could be a hint at motherboard supporting DDR5 ram. Althought nothing is confirmed on this.

As always, ASRock uses an “M” in their naming scheme to identify Micro ATX motherboards and “ITX” to identify Mini ITX motherboards.

Finally, NZXT is collaborating with ASRock to supply their motherboards so NZXT N7-Z69XT and N5-Z69XT are listed as well. There are no informations about Taichi, Aqua, or OC Formula boards for now.

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