Corsair Teases DDR5 Design For Vengeance and Dominator

(Image credit: Corsair)

Today Corsair showed off a few bits of design for both their Vengeance and Dominator line of DDR5 on their site and social media.

As of recently, Corsair has changed many of their products to fit their new design… triangles. Everything from their cases to RAM and even their power supplies have been updated with it. We also see this back in their new DDR5 products already. Below a few examples of their older and newer products (all image credit to Corsair here)

Vengeance DDR4

Vengeance DDR5

Dominator Platinum DDR4

Dominator DDR5

The Vengeance PRO RGB kits are for now still unknown.

In their video they mention a speed of over 6400 MT/S, which is the current JEDEC spec, but as it has placeholders and is expected to detail up to 8400 MT/S, we might see even higher from soon.

Launch dates and details in exact capacities and speeds are for now still unknown. But as there are currently no mainstream DDR5 platforms, we don’t expect them to be just yet.

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