Noctua launches chromax versions of NF-A12x25 and NH-U12A, with guaranteed LGA1700 support

After years of requests from fans and tech media alike, Noctua has finally delivered its promise. The Austrian company known for its designs for cooling solutions has finally launched Chromax editions of the NF-A12x25 and NH-U12A

Noctua has always been known for their beige brown colour schemes in their products. As a result of a greater push for better aesthetics from audiences, their chromax line aims to appeal. The original NF-A12x25 was a 120mm fan renowned for its strong performance. Now with a chromax edition and color customized anti-vibration pads, the sleek stealth look is expected to attract buyers hesitant from making a purchase. In addition to fans, the NH-U12A has been updated, as Noctua quotes: “combine the same signature quiet cooling performance with a sleek stealth look.”

Noctua’s CEO Roland Mossig explains: “We are aware of how eagerly our customers have been waiting for these products and we would have loved to get them out earlier, but first we had to spend some extra time to make sure that we can exactly match the performance of the brown fans, and then things were further delayed by various supply chain issues due to the global pandemic.” “With products that have been fine-tuned to the most minute details, seemingly simple things like creating a different colour version can end being surprisingly tricky, but now with all of that out of the way, we’re excited to finally be able to offer these long-awaited products to our customers.”                                           

Pricing and LGA1700 Support 

In addition to the new fan and heatsink, Noctua has also launched NA-HC7 and NA-HC8 heatsink covers for NH-U12A and its respective chromax edition to customise colours. Pricing is expected to be 32.9 USD/EUR for A12x25 chromax, and 119.9 USD/EUR for NH-U12A. These are some hefty price premiums but it is expected that this caters to a rather specific audience that is willing to pay the premium.

Finally, Noctua has ensured existing customers that the NH-U12A chromax will support upcoming LGA1700 Alder Lake platforms. Following their promises with free cooler mounting kits for previous kits, it shows their commitment to promoting the longevity of their products. Undoubtedly a welcome sign.


See Noctua’s press statement here

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