Due to various factors, getting a GPU in 2021 without paying significantly more than MSRP is almost impossible, so we have decided to list a few ways on getting Ampere and RDNA2 GPUs for a more reasonable price.


Founders edition drops at MSRP

The cheapest possible way to get GPUs is for reference cards like NVIDIA FE and AMD reference cards. The best way to get these cards are to find stock alert YouTube channels or Discord servers with notifications (note these are first come first serve so if you don’t react fast, you won’t get them).

AMD cards you can get directly from in most countries with at least one exception being the UK. They utilize a queue system, which doesn’t guarantee a card unfortunately. Prices from them are the following in USD:

6700 XT – $479
6800 – $579
6800 XT – $649
6900 XT – $999

NVIDIA cards you can get from regional NVIDIA distributors like Best Buy, Scan, and certain companies in other countries, prices are the following in USD:

3060 Ti – $399.99
3070 – $499.99
3070 Ti – $599.99
3080 – $699.99
3080 Ti – $1,199.99
3090 – $1,499.99


Newegg Shuffle

Another way of getting graphics cards for those located in the US is through Newegg’s shuffle system. This system is most similar to a lottery where you enter for products you want to buy, and then are randomly selected among other people. The process is outlined as follows:

  • Go to Newegg’s website or download the mobile app and log in
  • Select each product you wish to have a chance at buying during the selection window (8:00 PST to 10:00 PST)
  • Newegg will notify all potential buyers during the notification window (12:00 PST to 6:00 PST)
  • You will then have two hours from being notified to purchase the product you were selected for

The mobile app is suggested for this process, as it will give the most up to date notifications on when the shuffle starts and notifying you if you win.


EVGA Queue System

EVGA’s been operating its queue-based notification system since a little after NVIDIA launched the Ampere cards. The way EVGA’s queue system works is as follows:

  • Create an account on EVGA’s site if you don’t have one, otherwise just login to your account.
  • Select the card that you want and click on the Auto Notify button.
  • Fill in the required details and click on Submit. This lets you enter in a queue to buy a GPU from EVGA.
  • Once the card is in stock, you will get a custom URL via your registered email to buy and pay for the card.
  • The link is valid for 20 hours only.  If you miss this 20 hour window, the card will go to the next person in line after the link expires.
  • If you miss this 20 hour window, then you need to repeat the steps above and hope that you don’t miss the window again.
  • Keep in mind this will enroll you in a queue for only one product. If you want to buy more than one card or a different model, you will have to follow the above steps.


  • As of writing this article, EVGA has disabled the “notify queue sign-up” and will not be turned back on until the previous queues are fulfilled.
  • Also, the queue system limits you to two GPU’s per account so that EVGA can get the cards to as many gamers as possible and as fast as they can.
  • You can only buy one GPU (per model) at a time.
  • This method can take some time before the card gets delivered to you.
  • Check the EVGA FAQ Page for more information.


Zotac Queue System

Zotac also has a queue system like EVGA, but operates at a much faster pace. The queue works as follows:

  • Join a stock alert Discord server with a Zotac queue notification.
  • When the alert occurs, jump in as fast as you can to join the queue.
  • You will be placed into a virtual line based on how quickly you clicked the link.
  • If you are lucky enough to be early in the line, you can then purchase the GPU of your choosing. Be sure to act quickly as there is a limited time frame for checkout.


  • In this system, the GPUs are dropped into the market and people get GPUs based on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Due to this, there is a good chance that bots might purchase the GPUs, so be sure to act quickly as possible.

Conclusion and Alternatives

You can also try purchasing older cards like Turing/Navi and older. However prices may be just as bad.

The GPU shortage has been going on for an unprecedented amount of time, but hopefully this article helps you get one. If you know of any other method of getting a card, please let us know in the comments.

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