GN Group to purchase SteelSeries to expand on their gaming lineup

Earlier this month, GN Group, an audio company and owner of Jabra, announced their agreement to the purchase of SteelSeries, an esports peripherals focused brand. The SteelSeries transaction was valued at around $1.24 billion dollars. Continuing the trend of larger companies buying gaming branded hardware brands for expanding on their lineup of products.

GN stated that they consider SteelSeries to have an “attractive growth profile” and that it presents an opportunity for growth on both companies. With SteelSeries’ experience and IP mixed with GN’s own, their market towards more gaming focused territory was expanded.

René Svendsen-Tune, the CEO of GN Audio, noted that they will be “keenly interested” in the high end segment. GN’s focus is set on more “premium brand positioning, and growth ambitions”. With no mention of the rest of segments.

However, for SteelSeries, it makes for an interesting situation, given they were not dependent on a larger company in ways other brands like Elgato and Astro are. Yet still decided to follow through with their purchase with a promise of growth because of their collaboration.

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