Shipment of EVGA RTX graphics cards stolen

Recently, Jacob Freeman, an EVGA Product Manager, announced in their forums a notice detailing that a shipment of EVGA RTX 30 series cards were stolen. The shipment truck was on a route from San Francisco to the EVGA Southern California distribution center.

It is still unknown how many cards were stolen, but EVGA reports a very wide range of prices:

These graphics cards are in high demand and each has an estimated retail value starting at $329.99 up to $1959.99 MSRP.

If you believe your card is affected by the theft, EVGA notes that you can check in “My products“, as well as their Warranty Check page in their site. If you successfully register your product, it was not affected.

However, EVGA also warns of consequences to owners of these stolen cards:

It is a criminal and civil offense to “buy or receive” property that has been stolen. Cal. Penal Code section 496(a).

EVGA will NOT REGISTER or HONOR ANY WARRANTY or UPGRADE claims on these products.

If you have any questions, EVGA urges you to contact them at They note this will be addressed on a case by case basis.

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