Intel could bring new stock coolers with Alder Lake locked CPUs

Earlier this year, Intel released a strong series of CPUs with the unlocked Alder Lake SKUs. The company should also release the rest of the lineup early 2022, which consists of locked models and, as expected, stock coolers. However this time, we could get a completely refreshed version or even multiple versions of it, according to renders of the coolers.

Techpowerup recently published pictures of 3 new potential stock coolers. Intel seem to follow the path of AMD and its Wraith Stealth, Spire and Prism.

The 3 new stock coolers for locked Alder Lake CPUs

The RH1, RM1 and RS1 would be paired with CPUs according to their sizes. According to the picture, the RH1 (H for High) is the tallest of the 3 and could be paired with the higher end core i9 models, while the RM1 (M for Medium) could be paired with the mid-range core i3/i5/i7 models. The RS1 (S for Small) would then end up with the entry-level celerons or pentiums. While all coolers seem to share the same fan diameter, the RM1 and RH1 seem to feature some LED lightning. It is not clear yet if the lightning is RGB or a fixed blue.

The heatsinks seem to be made of aluminum and we cannot determine if the core inside is copper or not. The fan structure seem to be made of plastic, which is disappointing as first pictures suggested it could be extra aluminum fins.

There is no word yet on compatibility, but it seems obvious the coolers will only work with LGA1700. The mounting mechanism looks very similar if not identical to previous stock coolers. It looks like simple push-pins to press, which is a nice toolless method for mounting.

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