Lian Li unveils the new O11 Dynamic EVO

Lian Li posted a new video on its youtube channel about the new O11 case, the O11 Dynamic EVO. The original O11 Dynamic has been very popular since its launch and has been incorporated into multiple air/mini versions. Lian Li is now updating the case with new features.

The new O11 Dynamic EVO in reversed mode

The style and aesthetics are visually the same, the spirit of the O11 Dynamic is still here. However the EVO version can now be “flipped” in a similar manner to the Be Quiet! Silent Base 802. In this layout, the second chamber is positioned on the left of the case. The front USB ports are now modular and can be placed differently depending on the layout chosen. Lian Li Also sells a top IO panel as an accessory.

Other notable features include a front mesh panel as an accessory that can mount 3x120mm or 2x140mm fans, two positions for vertical GPU mounting (either 50mm or 90.5mm from the bottom of the case), and an ARGB strip on the front panel.

The case supports 3x360mm radiators on the top, side and bottom of the case with a maximum thickness or 87.5mm. It also supports 3x120mm or 2x140mm fans on each panel plus a 120mm fan at the rear. As for storage, you can fit 9×2.5″ SSDs or 6×3.5″ + 3×2.5″ SSDs on the back of the case.

The top panel has been swapped for a full mesh panel as well to increase ventilation. The back of the case can also fit two power supplies if you remove the hard drive cage.

According to promotional pictures, you can also fit a GPU vertically instead of the fans aside the motherboard and connect it with a riser. Lian Li offers 3 colors for the case : modern black, pure white, and Harbor grey.

The case is already on pre-orders on various retailers for 150usd or 130gbp.

The official product page can be found here.

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