Adata Teases Mouse With Internal 1TB SSD

In an ADATA press release, they teased their new “XPG Vault” gaming mouse, with an internal 1TB SSD. In their blog, they also talked about their new 7000MT/s DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen 5 SSDs, cases, coolers and laptops. As well as a new PSU. All will be talked about in CES 2022.

XPG will also let visitors have a peek at its latest concept product called XPG VAULT, a wired USB-C mouse that wants to be “your gaming library, in the palm of your hand”

Not much information is given apart from the mouse and SSD using USB-C, the SSD running at “985MB/s“. As well as their “Gaming Launcher software” to go along with it. It’s not known the exact type of connection needed to run both the mouse and the SSD at full speed, but it’s likely going to need Thunderbolt.

However, this is only a concept and no real product, price or any other information about the mouse exist yet. But it’s an innovative idea for people on the go, who need mobile, high capacity and speed storage. We are very excited to see this SSD-mouse come to fruition one day.

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