5800X3D Potentially Unable To Overclock

Edit: Robert Hallock has officially confirmed this on the HotHardware stream, giving the reason that the cache doesn’t scale above 1.35v. Infinity Fabric and DRAM overclocking will be possible on it. However, CPU frequency and CPU voltage won’t be able to be altered for now.

Reported on Chinese social medium Bilibili, user 老弟一号 reports that motherboard vendors have been asked to hide overclocking settings for 5800X3D. The official reason behind this hasn’t been confirmed.

The most logical reason behind this would be potential incompatibility, instability or even damage to the CPU when overclocking. Expected is that the issues are caused by the new 3D cache setup, as this is the major change compared to other 5000 series CPUs.

As we have little information and no official confirmation from AMD or one of their partners about this issue, we can only speculate for now. But we expect 5800X3D to eventually support overclocking once potential issues have been resolved.

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