The chinese mouse company G-Wolves has announced their new HTS Plus mice today. Adding to their existing lineup, these mice are, contrary to their siblings, holeless.

The two mice follow the same shape as previous Hati Minis, meaning a shape similar to the Razer Viper Mini and Coolermaster MM711 coming in at 117mm x 61mm x 41mm. This is slightly longer than the other HTS mice at 113mm. They weigh 46g and 52g respectively.

Sensor wise, the ACE keeps the same PAW3370 (19000CPI) sensor as the non-plus version while the 4k uses a PMW3399 (20000CPI), originally only seen in Razer’s Focus+ Sensor.
Switching away from the HTS Ace’s Kailh GM 8.0 switches, G-Wolves is considering TTC Optical switches for their newest release.

A main feature of the HTS Plus 4k is its 4k polling rate, being the first wireless mouse to feature such a high polling rate.

This annoucement was originally posted on G-Wolves’ Discord.

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