Gamdias Unveils Hermes M4 Hybrid Keyboard

Gamdias, a company known for their gamer oriented peripherals and components has unveiled their latest addition to their keyboard lineup with the Hermes M4 Hybrid. You might remember them from our coverage of the Hermes M3 last year.


The Hermes M4 Hybrid has a total of 3 different connectivity options. Being able to be used wired via a removable USB-C cable (1000hz polling rate), a 2.4 GHz USB-A dongle (500hz polling rate) or bluetooth (125hz polling rate, up to 3 devices), it can be made compatible with your desktop, laptop and even phone. Having a 3000mAh, Gamdias claims an uptime of up to 266 hours (without backlight).


Update: Gamdias reports keycaps to be ABS plastic

The keycaps are a 2-colorway set of black and white, making it look quite stylish with the gray aluminum frame. Gamdias also includes an extra set of 16 keycaps to change the keyboard to your liking. It’s currently still unknown to us if these are ABS or PBT plastic.


Update: The board can be confused with red, brown or blue switches made by Huano

Gamdias uses their own “Certified mechanical switches” on the Hermes M4 Hybrid. Being familiar with Gamdias’ past, we expect it to use Outemu red switches on this keyboard, but it’s also possible to be Kailh, Gateron and a number of others. While we prefer manufacturers to note their manufacturer due to the lower likelihood of part swapping or alike, this isn’t anything the industry hasn’t seen before, and reviews should be able to show the manufacturer either way.

Our only confusion with the keyboard is that in the press release, Gamdias mentions tactile feedback, while the switch used is known as a linear switch. We contacted Gamdias and will update the article once we know more.


Featuring per-key adjustable RGB lighting with 18 built in effects and 5 brightness levels, the Hermes M4 Hybrid features wide customization via hotkeys on the board or their own software. However, it is noted on the site that the board has to be set in wired mode to modify this via software. This also allows for setup of macros and key function assignment.

Pricing and availability

Update: The board is expected to be available in the next two weeks at an MSRP of 60 USD

As of the time of writing, the board isn’t available just yet, nor do we have any expected pricing of the board. We will update the article once we know more about this.

For more information, visit Gamdias’ product page

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