New Cases, Fans and RGB strips from Phanteks

Phanteks unveils multiple new products today, including a new mid-tower case, new 120mm and 140mm case fans, and a new D-RGB strip.

Eclipse G500A

The new case comes after the previously launched G360A earlier this year. Phanteks delivers another roomy mid-tower case focused on high airflow performance with Phanteks’ Ultra-fine performance mesh. The case can fit a 420mm radiator at the front and a 360mm radiator at the top while still fitting large GPUs and multiple drives. As with a lot of other Phanteks mid-tower cases, it also features a vertical GPU mounting option.

The case comes in 3 variations with different options :

The Eclipse G500A D-RGB comes in black and white and comes with 3 new M25-140 D-RGB fans are pre-installed on the front. It also includes 2x D-RGB LED strips and a D-RGB controller that can be synched with compatible motherboards.

The Eclipse G500A D-RGB Fanless comes in black only and still features the two D-RGB LED strips in the case but does not come with any fans.

The Eclipse G500A Performance comes with 4 M25-140 black fans pre-installed and a white LED strip in the front. It is only available in black.

M25 series fans

Phanteks designed new 120mm and 140mm fans that are meant to keep the best performance at low RPM levels all while keeping great headroom for additional cooling. The fans blades have been optimized to work well with fine mesh, dust filters, heatsinks and radiators. This optimization keeps unwanted bearing noises at a minimum while also leaving plenty of cooling headroom, when necessary, by going full speed.

The wide RPM range, up to 1800 RPM for 140mm models, and 2000 RPM for 120mm models, can be precisely controlled through PWM to ensure the M25 is excellent for both quiet and high-end gaming systems. The M25 Series is available in 120mm and 140mm sizes with options of single fan or triple fan kit and DRGB or all-black non-DRGB.

All-White Neon D-RGB LED Strips:

Phanteks’ NEON Digital-RGB LED provides the smoothest lighting effect with many mounting positions to highlight your system. The easy-to-use and secure mounting set let you choose which hardware to highlight with a diffuse ray of light from the NEON LED strip. Now also available in white in three sizes: Combo (2x40cm), M5 (55cm) and M1 (100cm).

All products are now available and are priced as follows :

Eclipse G500A:
Eclipse G500A D-RGB, Black €169.90 / £149.90 / $159.99
Eclipse G500A D-RGB, White €169.90 / £149.90 / $159.99
Eclipse G500A Performance, Black €159.90 / £139.90 / $149.99
Eclipse G500A D-RGB Fanless, Black €139.90 / £119.90 / $129.99

M25 Fans:
M25-120 Black €9.90 / £8.99 / $9.99
M25-120 D-RGB, Black €14.90 / £13.99 / $14.99
M25-120 D-RGB, White €14.90 / £13.99 / $14.99
M25-120 Black, Triple Pack €27.90 / £25.99 / $27.99
M25-120 D-RGB, Black, Triple Pack €39.90 / £34.99 / $39.99
M25-120 D-RGB, White, Triple Pack €39.90 / £34.99 / $39.99
M25-140 Black €10.90 / £9.99 / $10.99
M25-140 D-RGB, Black €16.90 / £14.99 / $16.99
M25-140 D-RGB, White €16.90 / £14.99 / $16.99
M25-140 Black, Triple Pack €29.90 / £26.99 / $29.99
M25-140 D-RGB, Black, Triple Pack €44.90 / £39.99 / $44.99
M25-140 D-RGB, White, Triple Pack €44.90 / £39.99 / $44.99

Neon D-RGB LED Strip:
Neon D-RGB LED Strip, Combo (2x40cm) €19.90 / £17.90 / $19.99
Neon D-RGB LED Strip, M5 (55cm) €14.90 / £13.90 / $14.99
Neon D-RGB LED Strip, M1 (100cm) €21.90 / £19.90 / $21.99

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