[Retracted] Aresgame AGT850 – Compact Midrange


Aresgame/Pystar/Jiumeng has been up to some shady stuff including sending different samples to 80+ for validation, sending consumers items or money for positive Amazon reviews and re-releasing units under a different name if poorly reviewed by professionals. We will be retracting the review in full, but leave it here for reference of what we received.


Shenzhen Jiumeng Electronics, known by it’s trademark has recently shown off their first units to the market by the name of Aresgame. Today, they’ve provided a sample of what looks to be their highest end offering so far in the Aresgame AGT850, a fully modular 80+ gold unit, claims of DC-DC and a compact design. At 130 dollars at the time of writing (though often with a 20 dollar discount code excluded from this), it seems like a reasonable option for 130 dollars. But how does it hold up against our analysis?

General Specifications

Introduction year2021
Warranty10 years

Power Specifications


nothing unusual to see here. There’s a high enough rating to put out it’s full capacity on 12v, the most commonly used rail in today’s systems. It uses a single 12v line which is nicer for ease of use, but can be less safe than having it split up into multiple rails. You can read more about that here.


Cable typeCable countConnector countGaugeIn-cable capacitors
ATX 20+4 pin1118-20 AWGNo
EPS12v 4+4 pin2118 AWGNo
PCIe 6+2 pin2218 AWGNo
4-pin peripheral1318 AWGNo

The Aresgame AGT850 features what is expected of a lot of PSUs at this wattage these days. The only change I’d personally like to see here is having another PCIe cable included to have 3 separate cables leading to the GPU. Dual EPS is a bit overkill for consumers, but it’s an often requested feature regardless.


The unit is visibly very compact for an ATX 850w unit, coming in at only 140mm dept. This is the dimensions that Intel officially states for a standard ATX PSU, but PSUs of this wattage are generally slighly deeper at 150-160mm. Outside of that, the unit doesn’t give out a very premium look, but doesn’t stand out like cheap either.


OPPYes (GR8313)
OCPMinor Rail (APW7164)
OTPYes (Separate)
UVPYes (GR8313)
OVPYes (GR8313)
SCPYes (GR8313)

Aresgame included all the protections I expect at this pricepoint, just in an interesting way with a rather cheap protection IC, letting the DC-DC controller and a separate OTP circuit handle the rest. I expect this was a cheaper option than getting a high end protection IC, but this should work just fine. Only lacking protection is 12v OCP, but this is rather uncommon to have with single rail units. All good so far here.

Parts breakdown

Input Voltage100-240v
Primary ConverterAPFC Half-Bridge LLC
RectifierSynchronous Rectification
FanPoweryear PY-1225M12S (12v, 0.26a)
BearingFluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
Rated Lifespan70k hours (40c)
PCB TypeDouble Sided
Bulk Capacitor(s)2x CapXon (420v, 390µF, 105c)
Main SwitchesNCEPower NCE65TF130D (650v, 18a, 100c)
APFC ControllerChampion CM6500UNXIS
Resonant ControllerChampion CM6901X
12v MOSFETsNexPeria PSMN1R4-40YLD (40V, 250a, 25c)
DC-DC Converters4x Apec AP4024GEMT (40v, 40a, 100c)
DC-DC Controller2x Anpec APW7164
Filtering Capacitors (Electronic)1x Chengxing, 2x Samxon, 2x AsiaX
Filtering Capacitors (Polymer)17x SamXon
Supervisor ICGrenergy GR8313
5VSB RectifierPanjit SVM1045V2 + Monolithic Power Systems MP2451DT
Standby PWM ControllerExcelliance MOS EM8564A

The unit is exactly what Aresgame claimed to be. Using DC-DC, LLC resonant with a design that I can see reaching 80+ gold without issue. The capacitors are mostly Chinese, but of decent quality. I don’t expect the unit to reach the new low-load efficiency requirements on the other hand, but not many designs today do. A few common exceptions to this is something like Corsair RMx 2021. These use a burst mode to handle this, as doing this without a burst mode would cost significantly more to produce.


The unit internally looks rather midrange at this pricepoint. It looks compact and a little empty, but this isn’t a huge issue considering it still includes everything I expect it to have. The noteworthy thing is that I haven’t seen anything like it before, as this is the first high end unit I’ve seen from Jiumeng.

The fan looks rather usual for these kinds of units, nothing negative to note about it.

Electrical Performance

note: since we do not have our own equipment, we often use third parties for our data. As there are no other reviewers having this unit in hand so far, we chose to show the data given to us by Aresgame. This data is more limited than the data we normally try to use.



Overall, pretty much as expected. It’s above the minimum it needs to meet for 80+ gold, but doesn’t have an ETA rating coming with it as it’s not tested by Cybenetics at the time of writing.

Voltage Regulation – Amperage

Load12v amperage (A)5v amperage (A)3.3v amperage (A)5VSB amperage (A)
1% Min load test0,60,20,10
1% Ripple test0,60,20,30
20% Eff. test12,42,12,10,4
20% Ripple test12,42,12,30,4
50% Eff. Test31,15,45,31,1
50% Ripple test31,15,45,41,1
100% Eff. Test62,110,710,82,2
100% Ripple test62,110,710,82,2
110% Ripple test68,411,811,92,4
Off to 100%62,210,710,72,2

This shows the amperages each respective load test is done at. This isn’t very interesting on it’s own, but will help understanding the table below this.

Voltage Regulation – Voltages

Load12v voltage (V)5v voltage (V)3.3v voltage (V)5VSB voltage (V)
1% Min load test12,155,123,425,12
1% Ripple test12,165,123,425,13
20% Eff. test12,155,093,395,09
20% Ripple test12,15,093,395,09
50% Eff. Test12,125,053,345,03
50% Ripple test12,055,053,345,03
100% Eff. Test12,054,983,254,93
100% Ripple test11,964,973,254,93
110% Ripple test11,954,963,234,91
Off to 100%12,34,93,435,02

Not something that blew us away, but still very respectable compared to many units of this price like Seasonic Focus.

Ripple Measurements

Load12v (mv)5v (mv)3.3v (mv)5vsb (mv)Pass/Fail (ATX)

Just within the margin of the 50mv we’d like to see as a max. It’s again nothing that would blow everything away, but still very respectable for a first try.

OPP Test

Total wattage (W)12v (A)5v (A)3.3v (A)5vsb (A)Result

This is set perfectly fine in my eyes. Most units should leave around 20-30% headroom for transient peaks, so it doesn’t shut down too late in case something happens, yet doesn’t cut off too early with high transient GPUs. as Aresgame came out at 128.6% here, I’m more than satisfied to see this.


Aresgame is new to the market, and in some regards that shows. The unit itself would be able to easily rival many budget 80+ gold units like Cooler Master’s MWE Gold. The problem right now is the price. At the time of writing, this unit retails around 130 USD, where it has to fight up against units from the likes of CWT (MSI AGF, Enermax Revolution DF, Corsair RM(x), Thermaltake GF1), Seasonic (Seasonic Focus GX, Antec High Current Gamer, NZXT C) and Superflower (Superflower Leadex III). These are simply slightly better units electrically, which makes it a tough recommendation against them.

Firstly, Aresgame in general needs more technical coverage. They have been sending a range of units for publicity to things like Tiktok which will improve their image on a mainstream level, but won’t help showing their quality without proper testing. They can do this by reaching out to more reviewers with samples.

Overall, the unit didn’t dissapoint, but can be a hard sell against many other units at it’s pricerange.

Aresgame AGT850




Internal quality




Electrical performance





  • Fully modular
  • DC-DC LLC Resonant
  • Dual EPS
  • Compact


  • Electrical performance is average
  • Needs more coverage
  • Competition is tough

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