Noctua launches two screwdrivers

Image credit: Noctua

Noctua launched two screwdrivers today – the NM-SD1 and NM-SD2. They are 150mm long and have a Torx T20 and Phillips PH2 head respectively. These two screws are used in Noctua’s SecuFirm, SecuFirm2 (PH2) and SecuFirm2+(T20) mounting systems. In addition, the head is magnetized to make screwing in a constrained environment easier. Noctua also chose a large grip for comfort. Our colleagues over at Tom’s Hardware have noted a similiarity in the design to those of the German company Wera, although there is no mention of any collaboration.

Both screwdrivers are available at 10 USD. Their product pages can be found here.

Buy NM-SD1 Buy NM-SD2

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