Phanteks announces SFX Power Supplies, Coolers and Adapters

Image Credit : Phanteks

Today, Phanteks has unveiled some new products, including new SFX Power Supplies, a 12VHPWR adapter cable and a new all-in-one Liquid Cooler.

Revolt SFX 850W

Let’s start off with Phantek’s latest Power Supply for the SFF market. This PSU was built according to the latest SFX12V 4.0 platform specifications, which mirror ATX 3.0 certification. This results in out of the box compatibility for PCIe Gen 5 12VHPWR. This PSU is 80 Plus Platinum certified out of the box. It comes with shorter and flexible power cables that make it deal for the SFF form factor. Phanteks advertises this as a huge advantage especially when paired with the Evolve Shift XT, one of their SFF cases. A built in 92mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing(FDB) fan allows for efficient cooling performance overall. It also features a 0RPM mode under 30% load.

The Revolt SFX 850W Platinum will be priced at $199.99 | €199.99

AMP 1000W V2

Phanteks is once again collaborating with SeaSonic for the AMP 1000W V2. This will come in a Black and White variant, with cables accompanying the specific colours. These fully modular Power Supplies include flat ribbon cables and compatibility with included 12VHPWR cables for 40 series GPUs and potential unreleased cards. The 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing(FDB) fan can be temperature controlled in a Hybrid Fanless mode for silence.

AMP 1000 V2 Black will be priced at $169.99 | €159.90 and the White edition at $179.99 | €169.9 respectively.

12VHPWR PCIe Gen 5 Adapter Cable

In addition, Phanteks revealed a 12VHPWR Adapter Cable for their AMP and Revolt series rated 850W and higher in black and white versions. These cable will be available for $19.99 | €19.99 .As Phanteks advertises :

Our 12VHPWR PCIe GEN5 Adapter cable has been crafted with high-quality materials, such as high current terminal connectors and 16AWG wires to ensure safe usage with new ATX 3.0/PCIe 5.0 specifications.

Glacier One T30 Gen 2 AIO(240/360)

Finally, Phanteks showcases their latest revision of their all-in-one liquid cooler. These coolers feature an Asetek 8th generation pump and a 30mm thick radiator that aims to cool even the latest generation of CPUs. The flexible braided tubing allows for easier routing in cases with more limited space. We can’t forget the T30 fans, which are some of the best performing fans currently available on the consumer market.

The AIO also features an infinity mirror pump design capped on a tempered-glass window. With the integrated D-RGB lighting and anodised aluminium covers, it allows control through D-RGB equipped Phanteks cases or the motherboard.

Furthermore, this AIO will come in both 240mm and 360mm radiator versions. Pricing is listed at $189.99 | €189.90 and $259.99$ | €259.90 respectively.

Availability begins in March this year.

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