Phanteks announces NV7 and D30 D-RGB

Image Credit: Phanteks

March 28, 2023

Today, Phanteks is announcing two new products: The NV7 Showcase Chassis and their new D30 D-RGB fans.


First up is Phanteks’ new NV7 chassis. This case is designed to show off your system components, with a dual chamber design that hides any messy cables. The front chamber shows off the motherboard, fans, coolers, and of course the graphics card while maintaining a sleek look with their near-seamless glass panels. Features such as an integrated GPU support bracket along with feet design that provide 65mm of bottom clearance ensure that even the highest end builds will have no issues in the NV7. Mesh design is used to ensure good ventilation, and there’s support for up to twelve 120mm fans to support that. The NV7 has built in RGB lighting around the motherboard, and includes a dual channel D-RGB controller to help manage lighting for both the case and any fans you might use.




Next up are new fans from Phanteks. After the success of the T30 series of fans, Phanteks is now following up with an RGB variant. The D30 D-RGB has integrated lighting throughout the frame and both sides of fan blades, thanks to the Halo lighting ring on the inside. The D30 fans also feature bridge connectors and can be used with screw cover plates to link multiple fans to achieve a unified, clean look. Performance wise, the blades of the D30 are inspired by the T30’s blade design.  Combined with the 30mm thick frame, the D30 performance excels with its ability to provide plenty of air pressure. The D30 D-RGB is available in both black and white, in a regular model and a model with reversed blades for increased flexibility in all builds.


The Phanteks NV7 Chassis and D30 D-RGB fans will be available in April 2023. Pricing is as follows:

NV7 D-RGB Black: $219.99 | €219,90 | £199.99

NV7 DRGB Matte White: $219.99 | €219,90 | £199.99

D30 Single Pack – Regular | Reverse and Black | White: $29.99 | €29.90 | £25.99

D30 Triple Pack – Regular | Reverse and Black | White: $84.99 | €84.90 | £74.99

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