Newegg will offer refunds or replacements for Gigabyte P-GM power supplies

After Gigabyte publicly announced a recall of the P750GM and P850GM units, Newegg is now offering refunds or replacements. The retailer was selling those PSUs in bundles with highly valuable video cards. They were previously refusing to accept returns of the PSU alone. This forced buyers to send the video card alongside it back to Newegg in case of PSU failure.

According to Videocardz, buyers can now return the hazardous power supply alone. Newegg will accept returns of any PSU matching the range specified by Gigabyte as being problematic. Newegg’s email states they will offer a refund or a replacement of the unit.

Videocards PGM
The official email Videocardz received


This does not fully resolves the issue. The problem is more than just a badly set OPP which seem to be the only change Gigabyte has made to newer units. The issues gets even worse as some buyers report Gigabyte refusing RMA attempts of unit matching the serial range.

To top it all, Gamersnexus recently did a video to dispove multiple points made by the hardware manufacturer in their press release, highlighting the huge downplay of the issue from Gigabyte.

This unit is in our eyes not reliable, even outside of the S/N range given by GIGABYTE. We recommend returning it and buying a different PSU all together. This is a serious design flaw that has shown insufficient evidence to have been fixed by the recent OPP change.

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