Lian Li issues notice and replacement for defective UNIFAN SL120

After Fractal’s recent recall of their new Torrent case, its Lian Li’s turn to offer buyers replacements for defective parts. The company recently issued a notice about a potentially bad batch of UNIFAN SL120. Models manufactured between december of 2020 and march of 2021 can show a defective blue LED IC which can cause the blue diode to deteriorate over time. This results in a dimming effect and yellow coloration. Lian Li however mentions that this issue is not harmful or dangerous for the fan itself, the rest of your system or you, the buyer.

According to the notice, the newer models have been redesigned with better temperature tolerance. This could potentially hint at an overheating issue. Lian Li is offering replacements for the fans if you think you bought a defective unit. The notice will show you example of good and defective ICs to compare with yours, as well as a form with instructions to get your unit replaced.

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