AUO pictures new 85-inch 4K 240hz panel

Image credit: Videocardz

Originally reported by Digitimes, AUO has released some details about a new 85-inch panel. There is some into available, but this has all been reported by third parties. On AUOs’s site there is currently no listing made

Acer Unipac Optronics or AUO is a company originally formed in 2001, with a merger between Acer display technology and Unipac Optoelectronics. They are one of the biggest panel makers in the world, creating panels for the likes of Acer, BenQ, MSI and many others.

The main aim for this will likely be the same as Nvidia BFGD, for example the HP Omen X Emperium 65. The main difference is that both HP and Asus’s offering so far have been 65″ 4k 144hz displays. This give AUO an advantage on both refresh rate and size, but will likely cost quite a bit. The Omen X Emperium 65 currently lists for around 4500 USD, so we expect a price of at least 5000 usd.

This certainly won’t be something for the average gamer, but could take control of a relatively new market.

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