Lian Li opens preorders for the Q58

On Friday, September 17th, Lian Li opened preorders for their new ITX case, the Q58. The Q58 is a sandwich layout case designed to hold ITX motherboards, triple slot 320mm long graphics cards, and SFX power supplies (or ATX with reduced GPU and cooler compatibility). The case is constructed out of SPCC, Aluminum and Tempered Glass with dust filters included and options for white/black colors with a PCIe 3 or 4 riser.

Lian Li Q58 in Black

The Q58 is one of multiple ITX cases that Lian Li has unveiled recently, with the SSUPD Meshlicious releasing earlier this year and the upcoming Dan A4 H2O set to be released before the end of 2021. This new shift in interest towards small form factor cases may be a sign that Lian Li believes that many PC builders would be well served with compact, elegant cases that still fit large GPUs and liquid coolers.

A image from Hardware Canucks showing the Meshlicious, Q58 and CM NR200

The Q58 supports plenty of drives with support for 4 2.5″ SSDs or 3 2.5″ SSDs and a single 3.5″ HDD. A fan/RGB hub is also built into the case to make building easy and one of the 2.5″ bays is hotswap with easy access at the top. While the case comes with one glass and one mesh panel that can be interchangeably installed at the top or the bottom, Lian Li will be offering an accessory kit with two mesh panels for those who want the best possible airflow in the Q58.

The Q58 can be preordered in the US from Newegg in White¬†or Black with your choice of riser. If you aren’t interested in a case this small, you may want to consider the O11 Air Mini that Lian Li just announced.

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