Facebook plans on changing their name in company rebrand

Tech giant Facebook plans on changing their name next week with plans on a more interconnected service. Or as it was referred, a “metaverse“.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, plans to talk about the rebrand, along with the name change in their Connect event, this October 28th.

Facebook Connect is a one-day virtual event that explores the future of augmented and virtual reality. Industry leaders will share the latest technologies, and developer sessions will cover how to use them.

This Connect promises a very large focus on AR and VR technologies aimed at developers and “tech enthusiast”.

Facebook’s commitment to building a “metaverse” is clear. With their plans on hiring 10,000 people in the EU over the next five years for the purpose of building said metaverse. As well as their pushing forward of more AR and VR focused technologies for a bigger sense of “virtual presence”.

However, the concept of a “metaverse” isn’t very widely understood, making their plans on building one all the more difficult.

We wait for their Connect to know more about this name change, which is allegedly a very heavily guarded secret. Even among higher up leadership within the company. It is theorized, according to The Verge, that the name will have to do with the unreleased social VR platform “Horizon Worlds“. This along with their work related app “Horizon Workrooms“, which was recently showcased.

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