DeepCool announces free Intel LGA1700 mounting upgrades

Earlier today, DeepCool announced that they will be offering free mounting hardware upgrades for the upcoming upcoming Alder Lake socket, LGA1700.

To help with the transition DeepCool is releasing a mounting upgrade kit that will be compatible with the LGA1700 socket. The kits will feature a new backplate and associated mounting bridges for the socket and include all components required to perform the installation.

DeepCool’s LGA1700 mounting hardware
Model LGA1700 Mounting Bracket Kit
GAMMAXX 400/GTE/GT Series GP-G-EM009-1700
NEPTWIN Series GP-G-EM072-1700
AS500 Series/AK620 GP-G-EM002-1700
CASTLE/GAMMAXX Liquid Coolers GP-G-EM172-1700

Much like Noctua has announced in the past, these upgrades will be completely free to owners of DeepCool coolers. With the only requirement being that you have “proof of purchase of either an LGA1700 processor or an LGA1700 motherboard to reserve”.

This is different compared to companies like Corsair, which announced that they will be selling the “LGA1700 Retrofit Kit” for $5 instead and the actual mounting kit for $15.

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