PSU Tier List was updated to rev. 15.0

Our PSU Tier List was updated to revision 15.0, here’s a rough outline of the changes :

  • Improved readability by removing a lot obsolete/irrelevant and regional units, thus also removing gray color. The tier list position of snipped units would be still available in the spreadsheet. Filling out of the spreadsheet is still in progress, so in the meantime if you don’t see some unit neither in the tier list itself nor in the spreadsheet – feel free to ask about it in the Discord.
  • Stronger methodology requirements for tier A to better reflect it’s high-end status, thus moving some previously tier A units to tier B
  • Stronger methodology requirements for tier D to split off undesirable models to tier E
  • Move some previously tier D/E units to newly added tier F to highlight major issues
  • As usual, a whole bunch of added and moved units

You can read the full changelog either at the end of the PSU Tier List article itself or in the accompanying spreadsheet, along with the methodology and other info.

Also, please take note that due to various reasons, the main of which being the lack of time and willingness to do formatting from the scratch (since it’s vastly different between the site and forum engines) – tier list forum threads are likely to be abandoned, unless someone else takes updating duties over. Friendly reminder than anyone can publish/derive our work anywhere (for non-commercial use) as long as the license is intact (which is CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), any changes are noted and there source (i.e this site) credited.

As always, any questions, suggestions and critique are welcome but for faster answers please consider joining our Discord.

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