RTX 3050

Ampere based
9 shader teraflops
18 raytracing cores
73 tensor teraflops
Releasing on 27 January

3090 ti

40 shader teraflops
78 rt teraflops
320 tensor teraflops
24 GB f 21gb/s gddr6x
more details coming

Geforce now

Battlefield 4+5 are now available via Geforce now
Geforce now will be integrated in Samsung smart TVs
New 3080 service offers 1440p 120fps on PC and 4K HDR on Shield tv. The service will be priced at 99 USD for a 6-month plan.

New games

The day before will release with RTX on and DLSS
Rainbow Six Extraction will release with RTX on + DLSS
Escape from Tarkov will be updated with RTX on + DLSS
Dying light 2 will release with RTX on + DLSS

New Reflex Games

Rainbow Six Extraction
God of war
Midnight ghost hunt
Ready or not
Super people

Esports screen

1440P G-sync E-sports
27″ 1440P up to 360HZ
Dual format 25″ 1080P
Nvidia Reflex

Nvidia studio

New computing platform for creators
omniverse for geforce rtx studio will connect applications like blender, autodesk 3ds max, adobe substance painter, unreal engine and pixologic zbrush
connects software with .USD files


New low-level framework
Communicates between CPU and GPU
Rapid core scaling allows specific parts of the GPU to be disabled if left unused in real-time to allow more power and resources to other parts of the GPU
a claimed 70% more battery life with battery boost 2

3080 ti laptops

“Faster than desktop titan RTX”
“120+ FPS Ultra 1440P”
Starting at 2499 USD
Releasing on February 1

3070 ti laptops

“1.7x performance compared to RTX 2070 super”
100 fps ultra 1440p
1499 USD
Releasing on February 1

A few of the laptops shown

Razer blade 14 3080 ti
Razer blade 17 3080 ti
Asus Zenbook pro duo RTX 3060
MSI Creator Z17 RTX 3080 ti

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