Weird and cute tech – Modular ram sticks ?

Did you ever wonder if you could swap a memory module on a ramstick without tools ? Did you ever wish you could try different modules to pick the best one ? Or did you ever wish you had a tool to test ram chips quickly without soldering them to a stick ?

Well even if the answer to all questions above is no, it exists! Century_micro just showed an example of it. The device resembles your average ramstick except for the “heavy armor” on the chips. And the best part of all ? You can open it to directly access the chips underneath.

This device is used a lot for testing and/or hand picking chips. Mostly used in the engineering steps for development and debugging. But it is also used to test and identify faulty ram chips on the fly, which is much faster than resorting to soldering.

If you are interested, you could pick up this device to build your own ram stick with hand-picked chips for the best overclocking performance. Do keep in mind it is not the only factor to play in extreme overclocking : the memory controller on the CPU, the quality of the ram PCB and the motherboard also play a critical role.

However, the price is quite steep. As these special modules can cost over 1000usd by themselves. And you still need to get your hands on the memory chips as they aren’t included.

Source : HardwareLuxx.

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