Corsair releases new set of AIOs and fans

Today Corsair unveiled 3 new AIOs and 2 new fans to add to their lineup. The H100i RGB ELITE, H115i RGB ELITE and H150i RGB ELITE are 240mm, 280mm and 360mm respectively. With it comes corsair’s new AF Elite series fans. These new AIOs are compatible with all current sockets including LGA1700. They will also be compatible with AM5, the next socket from AMD.

The new AF Elite fans are available standalone in either black or white and exist in 120mm or 140mm. The design looks similar to the popular Noctua A12x25, Phanteks T30, Nidec Gentle Typhoon and other fans inspired by this design. The fans do not feature any RGB, which is a change compared to precedent corsair fans. Corsair advertises a fluid dynamic bearing for low noise and zero RPM mode support to stop the fans at low temperatures. The fan’s RPM ranges from 400 to 1800 RPM with ± 10%.

The 3 new AIOs feature an update pump block design with 16 ARGB LEDs compatible with corsair’s ICUE software. An interesting feature is the new USB-C cable for installation, which connects directly into the CPU block. We strongly suspect the OEM is still CoolIT, but we cannot confirm yet.

Prices for the AF Elite fans are 23.90€/24,99USD for the 120mm and 25.90€/29.99USD for the 140mm version.

The new AIOs are priced at 155.90€/139.99USD for the H100i RGB elite, 173.90€/159.99USD for the H115i RGB elite, and 197.90€/179.99USD for the H150i RGB elite.

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