GIGABYTE issues statement regarding Z690i Aorus ultra instability

GIGABYTE recently released a newspress regarding their Z690i Aorus Ultra motherboard. A number of users have been reporting instability and WHEA PCIe errors when using pcie gen 4 graphics cards paired with both DDR4 and DDR5 versions of the board. GIGABYTE states forcing PCIe to gen 3 in the bios fixes the issue.

Reports emerged about 4 months ago from users that experienced these symptoms. GIGABYTE has now released the improved Z690I AORUS ULTRA PLUS to fix those issues.

According to the press report, users affected by those errors can either apply for an upgrade to the new Z690I AORUS ULTRA PLUS or ask for a refund. The program is available from may 10th 2022 to november 30th 2022. A form can be found at this link.

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