An SFF User’s Dream : The HDPLEX 250w GaN Power Supply

HDPLEX is quite popular in the small form factor community for its 400w and 200w power supplies, even after they have been discontinued.

Today the brand is coming back with a brand new small unit using GaN technology : the 250w All-In-One passive power supply. Both the AC-DC and DC-ATX sides are now together in a single unit, whereas HDPLEX separated the two sides in previous models.

Gallium Nitride (GaN) is a particularly interesting technology because if offers improved performance and increased efficiency in power conversion devices. It helps reduce waste, space, and energy losses compared to traditional silicon.

HDPLEX claims it is the world smallest ATX power supply with dimensions of 170x50x25mm and a power density of 1.18w/cm3.

The power supply uses an LLC+APFC design with Automotive-grade GaN fet. HDPLEX claims this results in a 94% efficiency at full load. It also uses a big 450v 150µF Rubycon filter capacitor and 6 smaller 1500µF filtering capacitors. There is a massive unibody flat transformer which improves consistency and eliminate vibration noises according to the brand.

The input voltage ranges from 90v to 264v with 50/60hz. Claimed protections are UVP, OVP, SCP, OPP and OTP. Sadly OCP is not present. From the specs, the 12v rail is rated at 20A so 240w, and 10A for both 3.3v and 5v. HDPLEX rates the maximum power of the minor rails at 80w and the total power of the entire unit at 250w. Oddly enough, those ratings are only for 100-240v input, instead of the full 90-264v. The operating temperature ranges from -10c to 75c.

The product is fully passive, which is an appreciated feature of computer enthusiasts. It is also fully modular, which was already a feature on the previous 200w and 400w products.

One of the very unique feature of this unit is that you can synchronize two of them together. This is essentially transforming the two in a single 500w unit while remaining 100% passive. One example HDPLEX gives is to power the CPU with one and the GPU with the second.

From the website, the 250w GaN AIO power supply will be available in June in the US and Germany at an MSRP of 145USD. This price is high, but not unexpected from such an unique, low production volume product.

Source : HDPLEX.

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