Team Fortress 2 Community Organizes Peaceful Protest #SAVETF2

Today, the Team Fortress 2 community organized a “peaceful protest“. With the goal of addressing the multiple issues and current state of the game.

The protest started via a Reddit post, featuring many prominent TF2 content creators. The post quickly gained traction in r/tf2, gaining 2.4K comments and 37.7K upvotes as well as many other social medias. Reaching #1 on the trending tab quickly on Twitter for several hours worldwide.

Let’s get all eyes on us!
The goal of this peaceful protest is to bring attention to what’s going on with TF2 on the internet!
We all love this game so much and want to see it back in good health!

On May 26th, from around 10 am PDT we will all post about how much this game means to us! and how much we care on social media, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Anywhere! but end off your post with #savetf2

So will you join us on May 26th?
This will be a VERY peaceful protest just reminding everyone that we LOVE this game please don’t send hate towards valve etc.
We will be representing the TF2 COMMUNITY so let’s do it right!

This movement stems from the overwhelming prescense of bots in the game’s online matches, completely ruining player experience. There have been several attempts at fixing this from Valve, but so far, all have been in vain. With continuous chat spam and aimbotting, the community has been longing for this to be fixed for years.

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