PSU Tier List was updated to rev. 16.0

Our PSU Tier List was updated to revision 16.0, here’s a rough outline of the changes :

  • Added a requirement for tier A gold color units (best picks) to have 16AWG gauge wires in the first section of pig-tail cables if they’re provided. Lowered a requirement for peak-to-peak voltage regulation from <1.5% to 2% to allow gilding of some good units. Some units were ungilded and others gilded accordingly, amongst them :
    • Gilded (therefore all of them have 16AWG in pig-tail cables, in addition to other requirements) :
      1. XPG Core Reactor and Cybercore
      2. Enermax Revolution DF
      3. Cooler Master V Gold V2
      4. Corsair RM 2019/2021
      5. EVGA T2 and Super Flower Leadex Titanium (moved up from low priority subtier since it appears that they’re still in production)
      6. MSI MPG A1000G
    • Ungilded (therefore all of them don’t have 16AWG in pig-tail cables) :
      1. Sub 850W EVGA G6 / P6
      2. All Seasonic PSUs and their rebrands including models from NZXT, ASUS, Antec, Phanteks except for aforementioned EVGA G6/P6
  • Added a requirement for minimum 18AWG for any 12V wires (20AWG for second part of pig-tail or ground) for tier A proper, as a result, Super Flower Leadex III Gold and EVGA G3 were detiered to low priority (20/22AWG wires)
  • 1kW+ versions of Seasonic Prime based PSUs were moved down to the rest too, due to continuing reports of such models having issues with high-end Ampere GPUs too and Seasonic’s total silence about it. That includes Corsair AX, ASUS THOR, Antec Signature and Phanteks Revolt X. Seasonic-made units that are left in normal priority subtier are based on Seasonic Focus platform (including Seasonic’s own sub 850W Prime GX/PX).
  • Added a ‘speculative position’ subtier to tier A for units there are no direct proper reviews on, but enough information otherwise to still expect them to be good enough for tier A proper, often being exact copies of some properly reviewed models there. A number of such units were moved there.
  • Added on-click cards for tier A gold (best picks) units with brief information and affiliate links (we earn a small commission from).
  • Moved most High Power and Andyson made designs out of tier A due to lacking reviews
  • As always, added a number of new units and moved some others around

You can read the full changelog either at the end of the PSU Tier List article itself or in the accompanying spreadsheet, along with the methodology and other info.

Also, a reminder that versions of this PSU Tier List at LTT/THW forums are outdated and no longer to be updated, unless someone else takes updating duties over. Which is allowed for anyone as long as the license is intact (which is CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), any changes are noted and there’s a source (i.e this site) credited.

As always, any questions, suggestions and critique are welcome but for faster answers please consider joining our Discord.

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