The latest state of play from Playstation has a ton of surprises for gamers. Lets go through everything revealed in this month’s state of play.

At first Capcom announced the long awaited Resident Evil 4 Remake which will narrate the same classic story with mouth watering graphics and all new gameplay systems, the remake will be exclusive to only ps5 consoles and has gotten a tentative release date of March 24 , 2023.

After that there were a slew of announcements made for new PSVR2 games which include –

Vr Support for Resident Evil Village (TBA)

The Walking Dead:Saints and Sinners Chapter 2 (TBA)

Horizon VR:Call of the Mountain

After these a major update for Horizon Forbidden West has also been announced which will include an all new performance mode (only on ps5 and ps4 pro consoles) , new gameplay features such as skill set redistribution , new character outfit customization options and ultra hard difficulty.

Next we have a long awaited pc port of Spiderman remastered launching on August 12 , 2022

After this we also have a slew of gameplay trailers and announcements for various indie games –

Stray (July 19 , 2022)

The Callisto Protocol (December 2 , 2022)

Rollerdrome (August 16, 2022)

Eterknights (Early 2023)

Tunic (September 27, 2022)

Season: A letter to the future (Autumn, 2022)

And then last but not the least we have some big hitters returning back, Street fighter 6 with gorgeous graphics coming to ps5 exclusively somewhere around Q3 2022

and Final Fantasy XVI releasing only for ps5 consoles in summer 2023.

and that’s all there was for this month’s state of play.

Happy gaming y’all.

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