Phanteks releases Glacier GPU block for GIGABYTE RTX 3090Ti graphics cards

Phanteks today unveils two new GPU blocks for the GIGABYTE Aorus Xtreme and Aorus Gaming graphics cards. The block is specifically designed for these two GPUs, as they share the same PCB.

The block comes in either black or chrome version, and a black CNC-cut aluminum backplate with thermal pads for both.

The block uses a nickel-plated copper base, VITON O-rings and a clear acrylic top. Phanteks also put D-RGB lightning compatible with Phanteks D-RGB and A-RGB motherboards.

The block will be available by the end of june 2022.

The MSRP for the black variant will be 229.99€ in the EU, 229.99$ in the US and £194.90 in the UK.
The MSRP for the chrome variant will cost 249.99€ in the EU, 249.99$ in the US and £214.99 in the UK.


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