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Hidden Room in Nier: Automata Breaks Community

Warning, spoilers ahead! A new user on Reddit broke the Nier: Automata community today by sharing a video of an undiscovered hidden room. The new Reddit user, sadfutago, started posting about a “church” in Nier: Automata two months ago in multiple subreddit but received little engagement. He also posted screenshots of an area no one could have reached. Later, he posted a short clip of the hidden door, before disappearing and not being heard again for a while.

hello, does anyone know how to open up the dors to get to this area in the copied city? i can open the hallway doors fine but my friend who’s at the same part of the game as me can’t open it I asked some people about this and they said my friend hasn’t done an objective yet. Do you know which one?
byu/sadfutago innier

Hello here is the video of the path to the church hallway door. I started from the beginning of the copied city and then go to the boss area where adam id.
byu/sadfutago innier

The Bombshell

Just today, user sadfutago mysteriously resurfaced. He posted a video on Reddit revealing a room behind the level Copied City, a surreal underground area in Nier: Automata. The video showcased the player navigating around a bunch of enemies and interacting with a prompt at the bottom of the clock tower. It then revealed an open room with some item pickups and a ladder descending deeper into the level. The video ends when a door opens up to a twisted corridor and the theme Blissful Death plays in the background.

Hello here is the video for the clip i recorded on my ps4 that i put on my usb of the door for the church hallway i uploaded for the discord server. I got a space error because i recorded too long i think.
byu/sadfutago innier

The community generally agree that this is real footage from a copy of an unmodded game. Modders state that while available modding tools allow the addition of new zones, advanced stuff like interactive toggles, music transitions and animations are still way beyond the capabilities of current tools. Indeed, whether real or modded, this level of hidden content is still crazy. The level of polish in the modded level vs the hidden room is very different. One such sample of modded content can be seen by clicking here.

Lance McDonald, one of the major data miners of Nier: Automata, also posted a tweet regarding the video which has since blown up. Lance himself was made aware of this discovery around the same time the first video leaked, but there has been no further discovery until this new video came out.

Currently, the Nier Modding community on Discord is up in arms over the situation and their membership has exploded. Despite limited info, the community has gathered some information:

  • The player is playing on a PS4, potentially a 1.0 launch day version. (Version 1.01 was available as a day-one patch)
  • The game copy is from the NA region.
  • The version of the map with hidden rooms is not found in any other version.
  • Digging through the model files reveals nothing.
  • The map is unfinished and glitchy and reuses some of the content found in the later Tower scene.

The community is digging through old 1.0 files in the PS4 version, hoping to find something. In the meantime, Yoko Taro is probably sitting somewhere, grinning about a secret he planted long ago.

The Last Nier: Automata Secret (?)

Last year, Twitter user Lance McDonald was thought to have discovered the last secret in the game, a series of cheat codes in a specific location that allows the user to skip the entirety of the game. It was even confirmed cryptically by Yoko Taro himself in this tweet. It was thought that final meant “final”, but apparently not. You can watch the secret in the video below.

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