Razer Basilisk V3 Pro Sighting (MSRP + ETA)


Hello everyone! Today we have a quick news article on the Basilisk V3 Pro. I happen to be a reviewer for Amazon’s Vine Reviewer Program and I happened to come across a listing for the Basilisk V3 Pro. Upon clicking on the listing, however, I was met with this screen showing an error

There doesn’t seem to be much information on the Basilisk V3 Pro online so I’ll try my best to give out what little information I’m given. The V3 Pro seems to be physically similar to the non-Pro, and I haven’t been given any info into what exactly has changed between the two models besides the wireless capabilities and all the things that come along with that functionality (like wireless charging). What I DO have, however, is a rough price for what it should¬†cost.

Amazon Vine Reviewers have to pay a certain fee in taxes once they’ve reached a certain threshold of value in the products they’re reviewing, and to calculate those taxes, all products on Vine (bar cosmetic and healthcare items) have a taxable value that is usually in the ballpark of the asking price on Amazon’s listings. As you can see in the image, the HYTE HG10’s estimated taxable value is around $98.16, which is close to its current asking price of $99.00. The Basilisk V3 Pro’s estimated taxable value is around $135.92, so you can expect pricing to be around there. Since I had the option of receiving the Basilisk V3 Pro for review, I decided to order one. According to my Amazon order, release date should be tomorrow (August 23rd), so more on that soon.

I will put this in as a disclaimer, even though I will be receiving this unit direct from Razer through Amazon’s Vine program, neither Amazon nor Razer have any influence on my opinion, and I will make sure to provide the most open-minded review possible.

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