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This year’s GTC 2022 Keynote titled Project Beyond was once again hosted by CEO Jensen Huang. Featuring the release of Nvidia’s next-gen consumer graphics cards as well as additions to the RTX ecosystem, this keynote has a lot to cover for GeForce.

Ada Lovelace – 3rd Generation RTX architecture

Nvidia announced the 3rd iteration of it’s RTX architecture named after the mathemathician and computer scientist Ada Lovelace. It is based on the TSMC 4N process and features 76 billion transistors as well as 18 thousand Cuda cores. Achieving 90 TFLOPs in shader performance while doubling it’s power efficiency. The RT cores have improved to 200 RT TFLOPs and two times the ray-triangle intersection output. Lastly, the fourth iteration of Tensor cores now has support for FP8 and reaches 1’400 tensor TFLOPs.

RTX Features

In addition to hardware upgrades, the RTX feature stack has also recieved a plethora of updates, most notably, Shader Execution Reordering and DLSS 3.0.

Shader Exectution Reordering

Shader Execution Reordering, abbreviated to SER. Dynamically reschedules workloads to improve ray tracing performance. Nvidia has observed a two to three times increase in RTX as well as a general increase of 25% in gaming performance. It is likened to Out-of-Order execution onCPUs.

DLSS 3.0

Nvidias newest iteration of DLSS uses an AI that generates entire frames instead of just pixels. By using a variety of improvements, such as an optical flow accelerator feeding the neural network with movement data about pixels, game performance can be boosted by four times without involving the graphics pipeline.

Portal RTX

The beloved Portal game by Valve is also getting an RTX remaster, similar to Quake RTX.

RTX Remix

RTX Remix is an Nvidia Omniverse based modding platform that allows you to use AI tools for modding.


Lastly, for this GTC 2022 Keynote, Nvidia announced it’s new flagship GPU in the form of the RTX 4090 as well as the RTX 4080.

RTX 4090

Available October 12th, the RTX 4090 has 24GB of G6X VRAM and improves on it’s predecessor the 3090 Ti’s performance by up to 4 times. It starts at 1’599USD

RTX 4080

Without a release date, the RTX 4080 has two variants at 16 and 12 GB of G6X starting at 1’199 and 899USD respectively. They have similar performance uplifts over the 3080 Ti.

Full Specifications

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Keynote Summary

All in all, Nvidia has released exciting new products with impressive gains and technologies.
For more information, check out Nvidia’s website as well as our other coverage of GTC 2022 and our news section to keep yourself up to date.

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