Logitech x Hermann Miller Vantum gaming chair

Hermann Miller has released another gaming chair in collaboration with Logitech G. In 2020, they released a gaming version of the beloved Embody, now they’ve designed the new Vantum gaming chair together.

The chair is designed to keep you in a good posture while gaming, with adjustable support for the entire upper body, neck, and head. Specifically, it supports the “active-gaming-forward posture”, which is scientifically proven to improve reaction time and focus. But the chair also keeps in mind that people sometimes relax. The headrest offers support for lounging, watching movies or chatting. Seat depth, armrests, tilt and the headrest are adjustable.

All in all, the breathable suspension and various supports offer comfort while sitting for a long time.

The Vantum gaming chair is available for 995 USD or 1’288 Euro in three different colorways, backed by a 12 year warranty.

Image credit: Hermann Miller gaming

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