Noctua announces AM5 thermal paste guard

Noctua has announced a new product in the form of the NA-TPG1 thermal paste guard for AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series, which features cut-outs in it’s IHS. This product is intended to prevent thermal paste for getting into these holes when mounting pressure from the cooler is applied and excess thermal paste pushed to the sides. This small piece of plastic made from highly heat-resistant polycarbonate makes cleaning much easier.

This thermal paste guard will be available in December as a standalone with 10 of Noctua’s NA-C1 cleaning wipes for 7.90 EUR/USD or with either Noctua’s NT-H1 or NT-H2 thermal paste in a special AM5 version for 9.90 and 13.90 EUR/USD respectively.

“While there’s no denying that AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 processors perform fantastic, we found that the cut-outs at the side of the heat-spreader tend to attract thermal paste that can be challenging to clean off. This is where our new thermal paste guard steps in: it’s a simple yet highly effective tool for keeping your new Ryzen 7000 series CPU nice and clean.”

Roland Mossing (CEO, Noctua)

Check out the product pages here: NA-STPG1, NT-H1 AM5 Edition, NT-H2 AM5 Edition

As well as the press release here.

Image source: Noctua

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