DRAM prices to follow “price correction” in Q4

Nanya Technology, currently the 4th largest DRAM manufacturer in the world, recently published a press release with a few interesting details. The company predicts a “short term correction” of DRAM prices for the last quarter of 2021.

The demand for DRAM regarding servers, consumer electronics and smartphones should remain strong during Q4 according to Nanya’s president Dr. Pei-Ing Lee after noting that Q3 sales went up by 5.3% compared to Q2. Dr Lee however notes the market is still unstable, as geopolitical tensions coupled with inflation could void those predictions.

A Trendforce report from August also forecasts a similar tendency due to decreased PC shipments, especially Chromebook shipments. This can be partially explained by people returning to office, lowering the need for enterprises to purchase notebooks. Trendforce however notes that server DRAM demand should remain flat for the rest of the year. It also notes that OEMs are sitting on more stock than initially expected.

While this is not the crisis-solving annoucement, it is always good for consumers to see products coming down in price to become more affordable. This will likely affect multiple segments, like standard PC DRAM, graphic DRAM (tho it won’t make GPUs magically available for cheap), or smartphone DRAM. Maybe your next smartphone could pack a bit more storage without the price going throught the roof! Who knows…

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