Galax is apparently making LEGO DDR5 RAM

Since the release of DDR4 in 2014, many, many iterations of said RAM have come and passed with time. Now, in 2021, we’re almost ready for the release of DDR5. And with it, new announcements and teases from different companies have come to the public, with one curious outlier.

Galax seeminly plans on producing new DDR5 memory themed all around LEGO.

Some versions of these were pictured, curtesy of Expreview.

Keep in mind, these were never officially announced by Galax and the renders for the kits weren’t effectively tracked down. However, Expreview also talks about the Galax Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs in the same style of the LEGO themed RAM kits. With the RTX 3090 GAMER being pictured and talked about in video.

This series of products will allegedly be called the “GAMER RGB DDR5” series. With speeds starting at 4800MT/s and sizes of 2x16GB, with 2x8GB and 2x32GB coming later down the line.

Of course, the main feature of this kit is the modifiable top LEGO brick layout (1×18), which has promises of limitless customizability.

The kits are allegedly releasing along with Intel’s DDR5-compatible Alder Lake and only available in Chinese markets, much to the dismay of LEGO enthusiast in the rest of the world.

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